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Material Guides

Download the images below. Try printing on sticker paper to label your containers. 

Unacceptable Materials 
(Recycling & Composting)

What are the items that cannot be placed in my Recycling bin?


Items that are not acceptable for recycling include:

  • Carbon paper and treated papers

  • Transparencies and photographs

  • Food waste and food-soiled papers

  • Wood

  • Glass (with the exception of bottles)

  • Metals (excluding aluminum and tin cans)

  • Landscape waste

  • Carpet

  • Bathroom waste

  • Hazardous and medical waste

What are the items that cannot be placed in my Compost bin?


Items that are not acceptable/suitable for composting:

  • Plastics (all types)

  • Styrofoam

  • Glass

  • Metals

  • Grease trappings or tallow

  • Liquids

Unacceptable Material
(C&D Recycling)

What are the items that cannot be placed in my Construction & Demolition Recycling Container?


The following materials are considered unacceptable and should not be included in the C&D dumpsters:

  • Asbestos​​

  • Batteries

  • Food waste

  • Household hazardous waste

  • Liquids

  • Paint

  • Oils

  • Medical waste

  • Tires

  • Televisions

  • Monitors

  • White goods (appliances) containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

Important Information: Construction & Demolition Debris must be placed in Rolloff Containers. Rolloff container sizes vary from 10-40 Cubic Yards. 

Please Note: For recurring commercial collection services (Container Size < 10 Cubic Yards), Construction & Demolition debris may be considered "Alternative Material."

Basic Tips
(Commercial Recycling)

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